This site was originally hosted on OCR e-testing and UseThisUrl. It was last updated just before the first iPhone launched in 2007, and is therefore NOT mobile friendly.

The Practice Test interface and sample questions were originally created for OCR in 2006. It provided the basis of what became the Interactive Practice Test suite on Move-on.org.uk

Designed to work smoothly on low-powered computers and netbooks including 1st generation OLPC laptops, without any need for an Internet connection or a printer. Original design requirements from 2005, specified that: 'It should be able to be started and run without requiring any installation and only minimal technical knowledge. It should take advantage of larger screens but work well on smaller displays and POS touch systems. Each single practice test file should also be small enough to fit several practice tests onto a single floppy disk or PCMCIA card!'

They were originally supplied as a full set of nine Level 1 (4) and 2 (5) downloadable Numeracy practice tests.

The 'Helpers' were created as proof-of-concept tools for 4Learning for use on a MathsZone stand at the 2007 BETT Show.

Thanks. David

(The odd image above was created using colour fractal splines and was originally intended to gradually evolve and animate.)

Maths Helpers and Tutor Guides

The Maths Helper can be used to print out simple tutor support pages.

Requires Flash Maths Helper

Numeracy and Literacy Practice Tests

The Numeracy and Literacy Practice Tests provide a quick and efficient pre-test
for students sitting level 1 or 2 numeracy or literacy tests. They were originally
created as an alternative to those offered on the slow and unreliable OCR eTest site. They provide a clean and uncluttered interface devoid of scroll bars and pull-down menus, which can be awkward for certain students to use.

I recommend using the individual download for your system so it can be used
offline as required, however a limited online version has been provided.

Requires Flash Online Numeracy Level 1 'C' Practice Test

For use on Windows Download Numeracy Level 1 'C' Practice Test for Windows

For use on a Mac Download Numeracy Level 1 'C' Practice Test for Mac

Numeracy Level 2 Practice Tests

Coming soon..

New module (BCS) ICDL/ECDL Practice Tests

In development - (Email, if these will be useful to you)

- Requires Flash Player/Plugin v6 or later.
- Program download for Windows 98 or later.
- Program download for Mac OS 9 or later.